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Find Out How Your Hormones and Fertility is Impacted by Stress

Which are the 3 Most Important Organs Responsible for a Successful Conception and a Healthy Pregnancy

All about a 12 month pregnancy proccess


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FREE 3-part Video Series

What is a 12month pregnancy

...and why it is so important to prepare yourself for pregnancy, not just on a physical level but also on emotional and mental level. What is the number one reason for misscarriage. 3 body organs that have a major role in fertility and pregnancy (besides the uterus), and why not dealing with your trauma can harm your baby.

How Stress Kills your Fertility

How stress impacts your hormones and how your body`s wisdom shuts down your fertility when you are under any form of stress. 

Meet Your Host:

Vesna Pavlica

Researching fertility and conception process from different points of view has been Vesna`s passion for a few years now. She studied holistic and spiritual approaches to fertility and conception and how to support the pregnancy with the help of mother nature, our body wisdom and connecting with the spirit of the baby. 

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