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A Deeper Look at the NES Health Bioenergetics System

You’ll Have Access to Revolutionary Technology That Has The Capacity to Change Your Life and Health Forever.

Bold statement? Yes. 

Accurate and honest statement? Also yes.

NES Health Bioenergetic System allows you to assess what’s really going on in the body — and what may be restricting the ability to concieve.

The process begins by delivering an immediate, detailed and accurate analysis of the body through a single scan. It works quickly, can be done at home and instantly provides answers about your health that may have been eluding you for years...And perhaps all your life.

Medicine and nutrition are largely based on the body's chemistry. But chemistry itself is based in physics — the flow of energy and information of the body. This is what bioenergetics addresses.

Bioenergetics allows us to access another layer of getting to the root of health concerns. It allows us to assess and correct the body's energetics control system.

The NES mobile scanner or voice scan measures hundreds of wellness points in just seconds, with remarkable accuracy, and can instantly tell you where the body needs support.

The NES system allows you to tap into nutritional, environmental and even emotional factors. It taps into and analyzes your body's true control system.

Bioenergetic Body Scan Reveals

Once your scan is uploaded, the analysis software allows you to get to the root cause of issues contributing to fatigue, slow metabolism, brain fog, nutritional deficiencies, detox needs and so much more.

You’ll have a detailed overview right at your fingertips that includes multiple screens and physiologically accurate graphics, complete with in-depth explanations of what you’re looking at.

You'll be able to SEE beyond what's on the surface of your current health state, and SEE the information your body needs in order to return to its original high-functioning, energetic blueprint.

Energy Blockages

Your scan will identify energy blockages in the human body-field and pinpoint the strength of the energy being produced by various systems and organs.

Nutritional Issues & Sensitivities

The scan report will highlight current challenges in absorption, the state of your metabolic processes and intolerance(s) to certain foods.

Your Exposure to Environmental Toxins 

A NES health scan determines what environmental factors, toxic metals, chemicals and EMFs you've been exposed to and the body’s ability to handle their impact when present.

Emotional & Mental Analysis

This helps identify past shocks and traumas that are negatively impacting your physical health.